building an economy around messaging


TRBA & The Regulars

by Munir Jawed • October 28, 2017

We created The Regulars Business Alliance (TRBA) because we believe in the magnetic power of mutualism when it comes to growing a business in the community. Local business owners, artists, freelancers, and other upstarts can thrive financially by banding together, as long as they are empowered with the right tools and incentives to lift one […]


ROI on Messaging

by Munir Jawed • August 3, 2017

For serious content creators trying to build and eventually monetize an audience with some level of stability, the social media and messaging experience needs work. How can we amplify the goodness that it brings (e.g. authentic engagement, collaboration, referrals), while minimizing the bad (e.g. noise, clutter, abuse, spam)? The need for a better experience is made […]


Building Your Community

by Munir Jawed • July 30, 2017

Whenever you create and share content on the web- e.g. videos, images, text- there is a community of people online who follow you because they care about what you publish. Your community may be ten people, a hundred, or ten thousand. The most engaged of these followers are your “Regulars.” We’re building a tightly-knit community […]


With Us, Hustling Pays. Here’s How…

by Munir Jawed • March 30, 2017

The Regulars is a mobile messaging platform that rewards content creators for referring their friends, and for collaborating with them once they have become registered users. Because many types of content creators, from musicians and artists, to educators and journalists, work together, collaborate with one another, and regular refer one another to opportunities in the […]


A/B Testing Your Profile

by Munir Jawed • March 29, 2017

On The Regulars, you have the freedom to create as many channels as you want (and delete them, as long as they are free, or contain no paying Regulars). This gives you the opportunity to “A/B test” your audience with different sorts of channels. For example, you may decide to create a free #politics channel, […]


Conveying Who You Are in 10 Seconds

by Munir Jawed • March 28, 2017

Today there’s a lot of talk about the attention economy.  Time feels ever more scarce, as bigger chunks of attention and willpower are falling prey to an endless barrage of digital distractions (e.g. bottomless news feeds).  The Regulars serves as a palliative to the noise, by helping content creators build highly focused, tightly-knit messaging communities […]


Channel Idea: Documenting Your Life

by Munir Jawed • March 27, 2017

As a content creator on The Regulars, you can set up a channel that chronicles your life and progress as a professional in one or more fields. People want to know how you do things: make art, compose music, learn languages, become fit, etc. So you can convert a regular experience of your own into an […]


The Niche Future

by Munir Jawed • March 26, 2017

As the number of globally active mobile internet users expands, the demand for niche content increases in lockstep. This unlocks a massive opportunity for new niche content, niche audiences, and abundant income opportunities for you, the content creator. It’s the perfect time to cultivate a niche audience, via messaging, based on your unique personal background and […]


Publishers & The Regulars

by Munir Jawed • March 25, 2017

Writers and Publishers can use The Regulars to engage their audiences in ongoing discussions for each chapters or sections from their respective publications. They can do this by creating messaging channels named after the different sections, and then diving in with their audience to further explore the content and meaning of each section more thoroughly. […]

Big Data, AI, and The Regulars

by Munir Jawed • March 23, 2017

Each user on The Regulars is a de-facto content creator who uses messaging channels to connect with his or her audience. Those messaging channels can be free or paid, depending on whether the content being provided is meant to be public or exclusive. But those channels must be created in the first place. We want […]